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Booked other trips - Vegas and Paris. House can wait.

November 30th, 2007 at 07:35 am

I have read your comments, thank you.

I also thought about it, and decided to give it another year - to take advantage of more travelling opportunities.

We had to book the one to Vegas yesterday (our free ticket was expiring). We had to pay for the second ticket(we wanted to go on the same flight), so the airfare for both of us ended up costing $350. (from NY).
We are going in 2 weeks.

And, we booked our hotel room in Paris (on Champs Elysees!) for 7 days. Costs 580 per day - does not even have a pool, but the location! Of course, I would not pay 4,000 for a week just for the hotel. We are doing it with DH's reward points.
(I have to get some compensation for him being away almost 100 nights a year).

I think with hotel costs out of the way, Paris can be financially manageable. Man, dollar is so weak! it is at $1.47 for 1 now.

1 Responses to “Booked other trips - Vegas and Paris. House can wait.”

  1. baselle Says:

    Careful - the food's expensive in Paris also. I was there in May. What doyou have planned?

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