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Duo wei tofu. Anybody knows the recipie?

August 30th, 2007 at 03:20 am

During my trip to China last month I got to love this dish. But I can't seem to find the recipie on the web. It is translated as "many flavored tofu."

it is a little spicy, garlicy, crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside.

Auto accident and 2600$ down the drain. -- bad luck in prospective

August 27th, 2007 at 04:46 pm

Last week we had double bad luck -- DH was involved in a collision. It would have been a fender bender if not for bad luck -- his car went under the bumper of the other car so the whole front was smashed.
The second part of this bad luck was the fact that he dropped collision and comprehensive from his insurance 2 days!!!! before this happened!
He was paying 1000$ extra in insurance premiums for these 2 things and has never been in an accident before. The moment it was dropped...

So we went to few places to get estimates (had to pay for them) The "white" place wanted 4000$. The first Chinese place wanted 3000$, the second Chinese place 2600$. We went with them.
So the repairs, the tow truck (accident happend in another county), the fees to get the car out of the first overpriced garage, the insurance premiums that will increase.... this all will run even higher. So we picked up a repaired car from the garage yesterday, (I fear it now has electrical problems -- left turn signal light sometimes flashes weirdly very fast, yet sometimes is ok)

To put this in perspective, yesterday he accidently run a red light! -- it was a weird turn and he did not realize there was a light. This was totally his fault. We were very lucky that the driver of the car(cab) that was coming at us had fast reaction. We were almost T-boned. This would have been so much worse!
DH drove 29000 miles in one year, a lot of it being NYC driving.
And he is a very safe and considerate driver. Never had an accident. And here, almost 2 in one week. One was much worse due to bad luck, the other one avoided to good. No matter how good you are, sometimes things happen randomly on the road.

Unbelievable cost of a tailor job!

August 2nd, 2007 at 02:44 am

I bought the dress of heavy silk that did not fit exactly right and I needed the skirt part to be taken it from both sides, and hammed at the bottom. And same thing to be done to the lining.

Instead of a fancy tailor I went to a woman with a sewing stand on the street.

She charged me 10Y ($1.25) for the job and did it really well!

And she charged me 3Y (maybe 40 cents) to ham pants.

(On the other hand, a woman in a tourist area tried to charge me 350Y for a really bad quality imitation silk robe that may cost maybe 40Y at best.)