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This is my accountability blog! New mother not wanting to let everything go!

January 13th, 2011 at 10:13 pm

So I am home with my baby for two and a half months now. Besides taking care of him, I am not getting much done!

I need to start keeping up. I want to organize the apartment, try new dishes, resume my language studies, keep spending diary, treat myself to few things in the city (massage, new bakery, pedicure -- that type of thing).

I want to loose baby weight too. So I will post on my progress on all of these issues or ramble about the lack of it here. Hopefully it will keep me more accountable .

I know there are few women with small babies here, and I wonder how is everyone else doing. I like the sense of community and getting a peak into the life of someone who is far away and is dealing with similar issues.

objective for today:
take care of the baby until DH gets home
make time to give him infant massage
respond to 4 emails
return calls to 2 friends
do baby laundry (landromat is downstairs)
make something healthy
start blog
make dinner (after husband gets home)
organize my groupon and gilt city certificates