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It is scary when you can't put gas in your car!

November 5th, 2012 at 08:11 pm

I never realized how dependent we are on our car until there was no gas. People are desperate to fill up, lines were close to 3 hours with constant the danger of running out before your turn.
People can't go to work, to school, to buy groceries. I live in an area where gas stations were working but gas is gone, because our neighbors in Westchester and NJ are out of power and all coming for gas to places where power is on and service stations are operational. It has been a week and on a weekend our thoughts were mostly occupied by different ideas on how and where one could get gas.

Last night DH drove out to Maryland for a business trip, on 1/3 of tank, hoping that he will get to a place far enough from NYC that has gas before he runs out. He researched locations off the turnpike, and had help from a colleague that has vacation house in South Jersey and knows the local area off the main turnpike route. He was able to get gas of exit 6! (something like 120miles away) It was such an enormous relief. He is fine there, and will come home with almost a full tank. My mom and my neighbors are afraid to leave for a gas station because if gas runs out before they fill up they wont be able to get back.
Driving is limited to absolute essentials and roads are getting more deserted every day. It is eery.

Any construction experts here? Help!

November 1st, 2012 at 05:21 pm

It would be hundreds (if not a thousand of dollars to pay someone to do it.

We need to fix this ourselves, but do it properly. Can anyone advise us how?

Tile from the bath fell out when I pulled off baby's bath toy that was attached by a suction cup! When I tried to clean up stuff under tiles, more of them came loose (I think the whole lower section is loose).

The tiles are affixed by some brown stuff (can be cleaned off) to some white stuff (which is REALLY brittle and crumbles off) Underneath the white brittle cardboard-like stuff there is earth like soft stuff.

I know I can't put tile adhesive directly on the earth-like stuff. So what do I do?

For now, I covered it with tape and plastic so we can use the bath, but it is not a good solution. (it is starting to get moldy under the tape). So I need to fix this ASAP. Can anyone tell us how???

Thank you!