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Greetings to everyone from Switzerland!

July 11th, 2021 at 01:21 pm

We did it!!!  End of last year we moved to Switzerland.

We live in an old medieval town on lake Geneva, near the city of Geneva, in a little house with a garden. It is very beautiful, with old cobblestone pedestrian streets, clear water, a castle and mountains in the distance.

We are very happy here.  So many things are different that I do feel the urge to post about daily random things and how life (and money) is like here.  It is a different perspective, lifestyle, and definitely prices. 

I started keeping income and expense tracking sheet this month, so maybe I will post it too.  It may seem crazy to you guys, but there is a different reality here.  Prices are often 3x for the same things. Yet some activities that may be considered luxury in the US are quite accessible here.

It is quite an experience! And last week I did get a new job (temporary, 1 year contract), so now I have way less time(and more stress - learning the ropes) but will be able to really increase savings.  We have spend a lot with realtors, vacancy costs and improvements on our 2 US houses.  Luckily stock market has been good...  we have also travelled a lot in Switzerland and a bit in neighboring France.  I wanted to share few photos but they do not upload.  I keep getting Error:400 message.