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Cars are expensive.

October 29th, 2014 at 05:18 pm

To maintain. We just paid another $443 (for front breaks and an oil change) after paying same just few month earlier for rear breaks. that is $900, and it will be another $1,000 for 4 new tires in a couple of weeks! Granted, this is a once in 3 years expense, but when it is here, you have to pay it.

Insurance is close to $1,000 every 6 months (half as much as when we first started driving). tolls are close to $40 a day when DH goes to the office, and than there is gas - 1hr20 min EACH WAY on days when you go into the office. At least an outdoor parking spot in our building is only 100$ a month. And we got a ticket last month, now insurance may go up.

So the actual car payment is not the most expensive part of the car by any means.

At least the breaks are now done and we don't have to worry about this expense for a while, and we took care of it at the time when DH had extra teaching income.

No, moving closer to his job would not help. Than my commuting expenses and time would go up greatly. I have few co-workers who commute 4 hours a day and pay over $800 per month for a commuter and city bus combination.