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Booked plane tickets - $1,776 Very frustrating!

September 27th, 2007 at 11:21 pm

Especially the fact that they were 142$ cheaper just an hour ago!
And hundreds cheaper 3 weeks ago Frown((
I kick myself.

But now it was showing "only 2 left at that price" (on multiple websites) and after seeing cheaper fares disappear over the last weeks, I just cave in and bought them.

This is more than I wanted to pay for airfare. I wanted to spend money once we get there -- after all, we are going to travel across a foreign country for 30 days and do adventure sports that are not cheap.

But there are just no good deals like there used to be -- too much new taxes and such. In 2002 we flew from New York to Beijing for $337! This year my ticket to China cost $1400!

Work parties with lots of drinking :)

September 20th, 2007 at 10:19 pm

Our work parties are often full of liquer. Champagne, wine, jin, rum, whiskey, black lable stuff, cognac...
(Boss provides from his stash)

It is a fun (especially if you start at 3). But I cannot imagine this being done in a normal American town, where employees get into their cars and drive home. I don't even know how people go out to bars and clubs in those areas.

NYC carless culture has its fun points.

I am still at work, stuffed with gourmet goodies, finishing my drink. It is an expensive scotch. I don't like it so much -- but honestly trying to discover what is it that people love about it. I know it is an aquired taste, I guess I did not aquire it yet. I love coktails. But since it is not an option at work, I should stick with the wine next time. But I have that rule that new things should be tried. So I taste new lables. Smile

Trying to choose golden pearl earrings (birthday gift)

September 17th, 2007 at 12:50 am

This year, my mom and aunt, instead of giving me a gift gave money ($300) to get what I want.

I want a pair of golden south sea pearl earrings (studs) I saw them on someone else, and I love how they look! and they go with almost anything.

the problem is, it is really hard to comparison shop, since each merchant uses their own grading system and I don't know their reputability and am not willing to put as much research into this as we did for my engagement ring. But I want a good value.

Anyway, I am thinking of buying this one:

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They seem to be cheaper than many other places. Is this because they are in China and willing to have a lower profit margin than "western" retailers? or is it the quality? It can easily be both. Very hard to know.

same kind of earrings in another store:
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and Link is

If anybody has more knowledge or experience, or can recommend a retailer, please feel free.

DHs super generous birthday gift! and last vacation pics posted

September 9th, 2007 at 10:29 pm

A brand new macbook! I looove it! And my birthday is not for a few days yet. But I am already using it, and have finally posted the album from our last vacation - 26 days in Ecuador.

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thats step one. I don't have the energy to post the rest of the trips. It is so hard to select and to organize.

I am so backlogged on this and I think I should give up on posting the old ones. I just counted, and it turns out of the last 5 years we had travelled for a total of 15 months.

It was fun to be a student and backpack. Now that we both have full time jobs we can only take off for no more than a month at a time. And even that makes bosses unhappy.

We always travel independently.
Vacations are a lot more fun and cheaper if you have TIME. As a rule we stay in hostels, don't have "luggage" or hire private transport. Not only do we save money, but also get to know the country and local ways. And for situations where you need a guide/horse/boat, it is always much cheaper to get locally. And, travelling in developing countries is so much cheaper!