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Better than a non-spend weekend!!!

December 14th, 2009 at 04:13 am


breakfast -30
riteaid -32.02
tolls -25 (estimate)
slot machines loss -50
exchanged for chips at the blackjack table -90
winn end of night 361.5
supper -28
hotel free (Marriott reward)

starbucks -13.32
sandwich -9
exchanged for chips -100
Chips left with 250
tips to dealers and cocktail waitresses were paid with chips before counting winnings
other tips -9
nice dinner -55.47
parking -5
gas -32

So to summarize our weekend in Atlantic City:

Pure winnings $371.5
spending -$238.81

Profit: $132.69

And it was fun! Entertaining, a lot of emotion, food, drinks, pool, hotel.

It is nice to have a break, but I did not think we'd be lucky enough for it to be profitable. I planned to loose $100 each. (I just realized that it would have cost $438 if that happened. yikes!)