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Busy every day. Something always comes up.

February 5th, 2020 at 01:26 am

We chronically don't get enough sleep. Even though I don't work right now, we are crazy short of time. Something always comes up! Every day, every week.

What we did today:

Took son to take passport photos

Got the form allowing new passport for son notarized ($19 for both)

Bought breakfast pastries at a new place near UPS store - around $20 - it sucked, won't do that again

Met with Arlington country regarding yard draining (that resulted in a bunch of things we have to do to the yard, cost still unknown, asked landscaper for quote)

Met with builder to sign off on the end of one year warranty on our rental (it is a new construction)

Made it to the Passport office and applied for new passport for son $175

Drove son to school

Drove daughter to daycare #2 for 5 hours ($80 for 5 hour)

Meet with hot tub repairman $170 - one jetted tub has been cleaned, second hot tub needs a part ordered

Bought lunch for $27 (included whole chicken, some of which was used for family dinner)

Worked out me ($85 - personal trainer)
Worked out husband ($0 - running outside)

Pick up daughter from daycare.

got missing ingredients for dinner $9

DH worked from home.

made dinner

Cleaned up kitchen

supervise son to catch up on assignments

babysitter for daughter at home for 2.5 hours $38 (high school kid at $15 an hour) that enabled my husband to work from home and me make dinner and clean up, otherwise it would be pretty much impossible. we normally finish cleaning up around midnight

Still to do today:
battle children to get them ready for bed, and actually put daughter to sleep (usually start at 8:30 and finish by 10:30-11:00 pm)
Study French 30 min active - I don't know if I have mental energy
Study French 30 min passive (like listening to podcast or watching videos)
Have at least 40 min to spend relaxing with husband

Our to do list is enormous!