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8 roommates

May 11th, 2015 at 06:32 am

While in a retail store in Williamsburg (a hip area of Brooklyn) I overheard a clerk telling his colleague about an argument between roommates regarding roommate responsibilities. From this, I learned that the guy has 8 roommates in their apartment. Not sure if it is a 2br or 3br, but they all share rooms.

This explains how people live on retail wage in the city. But they all also want to be here. It is a fun place for young singles - with plenty of inexpensive party digs in the outer boroughs and a night scene for all budgets.

3 Responses to “8 roommates”

  1. DC Says:


  2. Nika Says:

    Ah, but how are retail workers supposed to eat if their entire monthly earnings are less than the cheapest rent?

    Does NYC need retail workers? Yes, it is a city bursting with all sorts of shops. And yet, there is not enough wage pressure to raise pay rates to anywhere near living wage levels.

    Market forces are neither simple, nor as straightforward as it would be comforting to believe.

  3. another r Says:

    I would rather do that than love in an area that wasn't fun or had night life. When you're young, everybody has roommates and its fun.

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